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Beauty Therapy

Gel polish application on natural nails only

Hands - £20

Toes - £20

Removal with new colour added - £30 (regular clients £25*)

Removal (only gel polish applied by us) - £10

Removal & mini manicure - £25

French/Ombre - add £5

Dry Manicure with gel polish - £30

Includes hand massage

Dry Pedicure with gel polish - £35

Includes foot massage


Nail art (per nail) - 50p

If you would like me to order a specific colour please visit

the online catalogue for Gelish or Shellac to choose one.

I do not offer nail extensions as I want to promote healthy nails. Gelish and Shellac help to grow your nails naturally by protecting and strengthening them. It is different from Hard Gel and Acrylic as it does not thin the nail plate or weaken your natural nails. As strong as overlays, but with absolutely no buffing required!



Applies like nail polish

Long lasting high gloss finish

Lasts for up to 2 weeks

14+ days of high performance wear with Duraforce top coat!

No chipping or peeling

Soaks off in just 15 minutes


Skin and nail contraindications, which could prevent treatments include the following:

Fungal, bacterial, viral parasitic infections, severe nail separation, severe eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Any conditions already being treated by a GP, dermatologist or another practitioner.


Aftercare advice

Do not use fingertips as tools

Apply cuticle oil daily to hydrate your natural nails and prevent lifting

Avoid biting and picking nails and wear gloves when cleaning

Use acetone-free nail polish remover when changing polish

Wear base coat under nail polish

*Only applies to clients who book in fortnightly or monthly for gel polish

Gelish/Shellac Nails: Services
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